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      Morningstar Futures & Options Trading Platform

      In order to comply with the requirements of innovation on business and new & high technology of financial industry and to provide investors with a more stable, secure and low-latency trading software, Esunny developed a new trading platform of financial products, named Morningstar Futures & Options Trading Platform, by adopting the latest highly-effective architecture and advanced technologies. With heterogeneous system architecture of dual-kernel, i.e. Normal Version with a large-capacity kernel and Speedy Version with a fast trading kernel, Morningstar platform can ensure market participants a large capacity and high stability as well..[More...]

      The Trading and Management System for Domestic Futures

      As an ordering software system on the domestic futures market, the trading and management system for domestic futures is designed and gradually improved by Esunny through years of continuous research and development, which satisfiesvarious needs of most domestic futures investors in the current market for trading systemand observes the latest business rules of the four futures exchanges in China. It reduced the redundancy and complexity of the management of the trading system, in order to makes our trading system fast, stable, secure and easy to operate.[More...]

      Market Data Distribution

      Zhengzhou Esunny Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Esunny) has been granted the exclusive license by Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) to take in charge of ZCE market data distribution license around the globe. Currently ZCE market data available for distributors are real-time data, delayed data and historical data.[More...]

      Hosting Service

      The hosting room is located on the East Jinshui Road, Zhengdong New District, about 2 kilometers away from the New Exchange Building, the new data center and the new Zhengdong railway station. There are lots of main roads and transport facilities to the main trading center of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and arrival in 15 minutes. The hosting room at Henan Telecom switch data center has adequate communication cables and pipeline routes and provide high-class guarantee to communication line, gives the priority to the customer bandwidth use when communication bandwidth capacity is insufficient.[More...]
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